Nokesville, VA

2023 Lexus LC500

STEK PPF Installation

This customer came to us from Nokesville, VA and wanted to discuss the benefits of a dealer installed PPF solution and one from Tabula Rasa Fine Auto Detailing. The car only had 200 miles on it, so the owner was eager to get the best protection possible for his vehicle.

We explained to him the benefits of the STEK Paint Protection Film. We could cover more of the beautiful Lexus LC500 than the dealer was offering, the film itself was thicker and had better clarity. 

Paint Protection Film Installation Services

After discussing PPF package options with the customer we decided to install film on the hood, front bumper, headlights and mirrors. This is a great option for front end protection and will keep his vehicle looking newer longer. 

While we had the car, there was a blemish from the dealership that we cleaned up with our polishing services prior to installing the PPF, so the paint would look as clear and bright as possible.

Customers Reactions

The LC500 owner was delighted with the Paint Protection Film installation and loved our finished product. 

He mentioned he’ll be back for our Ceramic Coating Services next month for even more protection and easy maintenance on the rest of the vehicle! 

Save up to $250 on a custom detailing package