Paint Protection Film

Are you sick of small chips and blemishes on your front bumper or your hood? How about scratch marks behind your door handle or on your door sills from getting in and out of your vehicle? There is a solution for that and it is paint protection film, also known as PPF or clear bra. Tabula Rasa Fine Auto Detailing is proud to directly offer a variety of paint protection services to our customers.

What is PPF for Cars?

When it comes to protecting your paint and other surfaces of your vehicle, nothing is stronger or protects longer than paint protection film, also referred to as PPF or clear bra. It is a clear polyurethane film that is applied to your vehicles painted surfaces to protect it from swirls, scratches, rock chips, etching, scuff marks, bugs, and natures elements. 

At Tabula Rasa, we offer a variety of film options and will customize to your needs.


Front Performance



Paint Protection Film:

It's Worth the Investment


Ultimate Protection

There is no better way to protect your vehicle from scratches and imperfections


Easy Maintenance

The PPF layer releases contamination so you can easily maintain your vehicle


Highest Resale Value

When your vehicle is protected and looks well cared for you increase it’s value


Peace of Mind

Stop worrying about parking far away or others easily scratching your vehicle

Common Paint Protection Film Questions

Yes, PPF will keep the impact areas of your car free of rock chips, road rash, and other impacts. This will not only preserve the look of the car but it will also help prevent any future paint work to the car.

PPF ranges in pricing from just a few hundred dollars for small individual areas of protection to thousands for our full front protection packages or full car protection packages.

Paint Protection Film is a clear film applied to your vehicle to give it the ultimate protection from road debris, rock chips, and pitting.

PPF will last 10 years in most cases. Proper maintenance is required but it is very easy to maintain. Our film has a 10-year warranty on any manufacturer defects.

Yes, the film is removable from your car.

This is the best time to get PPF on your car. It protects the car from day one and keeps the OEM paint in perfect shape.

PPF does have self healing properties when it is exposed to heat. Swirls, scratches, and wash induced marring can all be removed from the film.

PPF works great in preventing rock chips, road rash, and pitting. Its self healing properties also perform great.