Car Interior Detailing

There are many benefits to having an interior detail performed. A clean space for your commute can promote productivity, increase mental clarity and reduces stress. Some professions require you to shuttle clients around and what better way to make a good first impression. Nothing is better than opening your door and entering a perfectly cleaned space for both you and your passengers. Our interior cleaning and detailing packages will achieve these desired results.


We offer several interior detailing services to best fit your needs. From a quick clean-up with our Essential Detail to a deeper cleansing and conditioning with our Optimum Detail all the way to a Restoration Interior Detail where we go as far as including repair or replacement of interior components.

Please note, the following packages do not account for treating excessive stains, pet hair, mold, mildew, severe neglect, odor or any type of bodily fluid removal. While we do clean up these types of contaminants these must be quoted case by case. We do work with insurance companies as well for these special circumstances if needed.

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Our Essential Interior Detailing package is a great option for someone who does some regular upkeep of the interior by removing trash, periodically vacuuming and an occasional wipe down of the interior surfaces. If you rarely eat in the car and the passengers are many adults this package will be a great fit.

This package is a light interior cleaning of all your vehicle’s surfaces including: plastics, vinyl, wood and rubber trim, leather, carpet and glass.

All surfaces are treated with a UV protectant to prevent fading, cracking and discoloration from the sun. It leaves the dash, door panels, leather seats and center console with a matte non-greasy finish that will not attract dirt or dust. This is the best way to maintain the appearance the manufacturer intended for the vehicle.

Our Essential Interior Detail will surely enhance the look of your car’s interior.


Light cleaning of all interior surfaces including: plastics, vinyl, wood and rubber trim, leather, capret and glass

Interior surfaces are UV protected to prevent fading, cracking, and discoloration from the sun

Protected interior surfaces will have a matte, non-greasy finish, that won’t attract dust and dirt









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Our Optimum Interior Package is a step up from the Essential Interior Detail by adding a deeper cleaning of the interior surfaces. The leather receives a deeper cleaning and conditioning to gently restore and rejuvenate the surface. This removes the layer of buildup the seats get from regular use. The carpets and fabrics will be treated with a carpet extractor or steamer if needed.

This is great for a car that is not regularly cleaned or a car that you would like to be brought back to almost new condition.


Everything listed in the Essential Interior Detail and . . . 

A deeper cleaning of all interior surfaces

Conditioning your leather to restore and rejuvenate the surface

An extractor and steamer are used as needed on carpet and fabrics









Restoration Interior Detail

Our Restoration Interior Detail is the most extensive detail we offer for your vehicle. We go into even greater depth with the service by offering any repair or replacement of interior components in addition to the cleaning process.  If your vehicle needs the seats reupholstered, carpet replacement, or worn out parts to be swapped out this is the package for you. This is great for a collector car, a restoration project, or a car that just needs some serious attention to get it back to like new. 

Specialty Interior Services

In addition to our two packages above we also do restoration details, odor and mold removal, parts replacement, and many other interior cleaning/repair services. If the car was left out in a storm with the windows down, mold grew due to moisture in the cabin, or the car just has been sitting dirty for years, we can get the car back into shape. These services are priced on a case by case basis so it’s best to send us an inquiry to get accurate pricing and details. We do work with your insurance company as well if the job qualifies for that.

Interior CAR Detailing:

It's Worth Every Penny


Brand New Feel

Our interior car detailing services will make your vehicle feel brand new again


Clean Car, Clear Head

When your surroundings are neat and organized your mind is too


Peace of Mind

Our services will leave your vehicle protected against UV damage


Maximize Resale Value

A detailed interior is worth its weight in gold when it comes to your resale value

Frequently Asked Interior Detailing Questions

Our Essential Interior Detail starts at $150 for a 2-door coupe, $175 for a sedan, $200 for a mid-sized SUV and $250 for a full-sized truck or SUV. Additional services can be added on to enhance the level of service or protection.

There are many factors that determine how long the interior detail takes. The main two are:

  • The size of the vehicle
  • The level of service being performed

Our Essential Interior Detail service on a 2-door coupe takes around 2.5 hours to complete. We recommend planning for a minimum of 4 hours for any service to plan for the unexpected.

Additional Interior Detailing Services

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Classic Car Detailing

Classic cars are one of our favorite types of vehicles to work on. They are timeless pieces of the automotive industry that shaped today’s modern car culture.

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New Car Detailing

Our new car detailing service is a complete protection package that can protect and preserve your vehicle’s overall appearance for the lifetime of ownership.