New Car Detailing

Our new car detailing service is a complete protection package that can protect and preserve your vehicle’s overall appearance for the lifetime of ownership.

What New Car DETAILING Includes?

We work hard to get all of the car surfaces perfect and then we add the highest quality protection to keep that perfection locked in. Most cars come from the dealership with little to no long term protection and usually aren’t in perfect shape after being stored outdoors, washed quickly by inexperienced dealership employees and being test-driven. Many brand new cars we see are loaded with swirls, scratches and sanding marks straight from the dealer as well. Our new car detailing packages can correct these flaws and present you with the vehicle the way it should be, like new! 

Some dealerships do offer long term paint “protection” packages that come with a hefty price tag and generally do not perform nearly as well as the more advanced coatings that we apply. We offer protection to the exterior paint, trim, windows, wheels, exhaust, brake calipers, wheel wells, and many other areas. The interior leather, vinyl, plastic, and plastic trim can also be protected. Keeping the overall look of the vehicle its best will not only allow you to maintain that new car feel for your time of ownership, but it will also help when you decide to sell or trade-in the car.

When we receive a car for a new car prep we always analyze the paint to see its condition and if it will need any deep defect removal. Most new cars just need our One-step Polish to bump up the gloss and clarity while preparing the surface for a layer of long term protection such as a coating or sealant. Some cars do require our Multi-step Polishing service when they are in very poor shape. We offer coatings that range from one year to five years and sealants that last anywhere from six to nine months. The paint coatings or sealants will ensure that the car stays cleaner longer, is resistant to environmental contaminants, and makes maintaining the vehicle a breeze. It also drastically increases the gloss of the paint. A cleaner car means that it is less likely to get excessive swirl marks or wash marring over your future years of washing. As with anything on your new car maintenance is key to the longevity of the sealant or coating. We offer a washing guide with product recommendations as well as monthly detail packages to ensure the car stays looking its best.

Want to take it a step further? Paint Protection Film is the only true barrier between your paint and the elements. You can wrap specific areas, the full front end or even the entire car. This film is thick, self healing and has a warranty of 10 years. We install the film as seamlessly as possible. This will preserve the paint against road rash, rock chips and other debris that may damage the front end or high impact areas.

The faded plastic trim can really bring down the look of a car and with some of the cheap materials used on cars, it can fade very quickly. Our Trim Coating Service will not only lock in that like the new look but will protect it for years to come. It will maintain is deep color and rich finish while protecting it from UV rays and harmful road contaminants.

We offer a variety of different window coatings as well. This will not only keep your glass cleaner but it also greatly improves visibility in bad weather driving conditions and reduces the need to use the windshield wipers. We have window coatings that will last anywhere from one year to three years depending on selection. This is one of our top selling services.

The wheels, brake calipers and wheel wells undoubtedly take some of the most abuse on the car. The wheels and brake calipers collect brake dust every time you slow down or come to a stop. These tiny iron particles can embed themselves into the wheel and brake caliper areas potentially causing permanent damage to the finish. Adding coating to the faces and inner barrels of the wheels will not only keep them protected but make them extremely easy to maintain with just soap and water. The wheel wells also collect a lot of road grime and grease that slings off the tire during driving. Applying a coating to the wheel well area again makes maintenance a breeze and locks in that like the new look.

The exhaust tips collect carbon build-up and deposits from normal driving. Some exotics or high horsepower cars collect more than others so adding a coating to them will make them easy to clean and keep them looking great. Clean exhaust tips can greatly enhance the overall look of your vehicle.

In addition to routine cleanings keeping your carpets clean and stain-free will greatly increase the resale value and keep your car looking brand new. When the car is brand new we thoroughly vacuum the floor mats and carpets before adding our interior fabric coating. It will repel water and other liquids preventing them from soaking into and staining your floor mats, seats or carpets.

Adding a layer of protection to the leather will prevent dye transfer from jeans or other clothing, make cleaning easy and protects the seats from harmful sun exposure. This is an exceptionally beneficial service on white or tan leathers since they discolor quickly.

Gloss or Black interior trim can be very hard to keep looking new. It tends to scratch very easily since its always in a high traffic area. Adding Paint Protection Film on the interior door trim, center console or radio area will ensure the area stays glossy, scratch-free and will resist the sun exposure that can ruin them over time.

If you have any questions about any other new car detailing or preservation services please reach out anytime. We can modify any of our services to meet the needs of your vehicle. Getting this service done will not only raise the resale value but having it done when the car is brand new will prevent any permanent or irreparable damage. We look forward to preserving your newly purchased car.

New Car Detailing:

It's Worth Every Penny



A car is a large purchase and you want to keep it looking its best. Having your car properly protected means the car will retain its new car feel and look better than the day you purchased it. 


Quality of Protection

Don’t fall for the dealer “coatings” they charge you thousands for. Our coatings can be maintained at home, and last longer, and we only suggest a yearly detail service if properly maintained.


Worry Free Driving

Our Protection Packages will keep you from worrying about enjoying your new car. We can protect the car inside and out as well as provide a guide to proper washing/maintenance techniques


Ease of Maintenance

Our Protection Packages lay the foundation for years of simple and enjoyable washing. With just a few chemicals and basic wash set-up you can wash your car in under an hour and it will look amazing

Starting At


New Car Detailing




When you have a brand-new vehicle, it’s important to protect your investment! Our New Car Detailing packages do just that and more. 

Many dealerships will let a new car leave their showroom with imperfections, swirl marks, and residue from the protective barriers used during transport. Detailers at dealerships are usually looking to do their job as quickly as possible, which sacrifices quality.

Our new car prep will really make your vehicle feel like new, the way it should feel driving off of the dealership lot. We will give the car a thorough cleansing and treat any blemishes that can be corrected, the follow it up with your choice of protection level.

Feel confident driving your new vehicle and be ready to show it off!