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Don’t Let Dealerships Perform New Car Detailing Services for You

Don’t let the dealership detail your new car for you.

That’s the advice we give to every customer who comes to us wanting to book our new car detailing service for the minute their car is delivered.

New Cars, Dealerships, Details, and Paint Protection Film

First, we advised him not to let the dealership detail the car for him. We explained that new car details are often performed by inexperienced dealership employees who end up leaving loads of swirls, scratches, and sanding marks on the paint. Similarly the paint protection films applied by many dealerships come at a hefty cost and don’t perform as well as the more advanced coatings that we apply. He immediately called the dealership to request they not prep the car in any way.

Tabula Rasa’s New Car Detailing & Paint Protection Film Services

After delivery, he drove the car over to Tabula Rasa Fine Auto Detailing with the wrappings still intact and just 10 miles on the odometer. We removed all the protective wrappings, inspected the paint for any possible imperfections, performed our new car detailing service, then applied our full body paint protection film.

The results speak for themselves, and our customer couldn’t have been more pleased.

Save up to $250 on a custom detailing package


To learn more about how we might be able to help clean up your car before your next lease turn in, contact us.