Chantilly, VA

2023 BMW M2

2023 BMW M2:

New Car Prep and Ceramic Coating

A customer from Chantilly, VA brought in his brand new 2023 BMW M2 for an inspection and quote on our new car prep and ceramic coating services. The M2 is an absolutely stunning vehicle, and the owner wanted to make sure he’d be able to keep its Toronto Red Metallic Paint amazing.

During our inspection, we discovered water spots and sanding marks that were likely from the presale prep done at the dealership. We let the owner know that we’d have to correct these flaws with our single step paint correction before we could move on to the new car prep and ceramic coating services.

The owner gave us an eager thumbs up, and we immediately got to work.

Why Most New Cars Need Paint Correction

Single stage paint correction is an intense deep polish that removes surface level scratches, swirls, and water marks. It’s a standard part of preparing cars for the ceramic coating – who wants to seal in scratches and swirls that could’ve been corrected with a deep polish!

Believe it or not, most cars – even brand new cars – come from the dealership in less than perfect condition. The paint job has usually lost its factory fresh gloss from being stored outdoors. Additional marring then occurs when the car is “prepped” by inexperienced dealership workers. This prepping almost invariably leaves behind surface level scratches, swirls, sanding marks, and water spots all over the paint job. 

Our new car prep service corrects these flaws through our single stage paint correction, restoring the paint’s factory fresh gloss. We then add a layer of protection over all the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle to preserve the new-car look.

Ceramic Coatings Protect a Car’s Paint from the Elements

Once the single step paint correction and other new car prep services were completed, we applied our Gyeon Q2M Flash (3-Year) ceramic coating over the vehicle’s painted surfaces. This is a single layer ceramic coating that adds a barrier of UV protection, is chemical resistant, and also repels water.

After the Gyeon Q2M ceramic coating, we added a layer of Wheel Coating to protect the wheels from brake dust and road grime. Next came the Trim Coating, to preserve the trim over the long haul. And finally we added a Glass Coating to improve visibility in bad weather and reduce glare at night.

Now His Paint is Popping!

The car backed out of the garage looking absolutely stunning. The paint correction really made the metallic of the Toronto Red Metallic Paint pop!

The owners was thrilled with the results, and couldn’t wait to get his incredible new BMW M2 back out on the road, knowing that he could drive with confidence, knowing that his paint job was protected.

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