Chantilly, VA

1969 Chevelle SS

Classic Car Detail on Chevelle SS

The owner of this 1969 Chevelle SS came to us for a classic car detailing – and what a classic this car is! Since the Chevelle had been sitting in storage for several years, the owner wanted to restore it in preparation for resale.

As I mentioned on a previous project, an additional service that Tabula Rasa Fine Auto Detailing offers our customers is vehicle consignment sales. We work closely with you to determine a price you can reasonably expect for your vehicle. From that point, you just leave it up to us to get your car looking great, take stunning photos, post them to a variety of niche car sites, and sell your car for the highest value.

Chevelle SS Exterior and Interior Detailing

The exterior detailing and interior detailing we performed on this Chevelle posed a few challenges. Apart from the fact that the car had been in storage for several years, it had never been properly polished since being repainted 20 years ago. We had to gently remove the wax/compound from its previous detail, before we could go in and polish all the chrome trim.

A Less Intensive Paint Correction

In addition to the gentle exterior and interior detailing, we also opted for a less intensive paint correction than we normally perform on newer cars. Mindful that this ‘69 Chevelle SS is a classic, we wanted to preserve its original finish to the greatest extent possible. We decided to give it a single-step paint correction, giving it a light polish to enhance the gloss and depth, and also removing surface swirls and imperfections.

1969 Chevelle SS For Sale… SOLD!

Although the owner of this ‘69 Chevelle was hesitant to spend any money on this classic before he resold it, he was ultimately blown away by both the results of the classic car detailing we performed for him, and the final price he got for the vehicle. In the end, the car sold within a few days of being listed, and he got more than he’d hoped to get for it.

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