Waverly Crossing, Chantilly VA

The Waverly Crossing neighborhood of Chantilly, VA, is an urban neighborhood…

… made up of a pleasant mix of medium to large homes of three or more bedrooms, single-family homes, and townhomes. The median home value in the Waverly Crossing neighborhood is $622,869, making it one of the more affordable options within the Chantilly, VA area. Read next article.

Rentals in Waverly Crossing

Despite the fact that the Waverly Crossing neighborhood is an urban area, with rental properties in high demand, it is still a relatively affordable area to rent a living space. On average, rental prices in the Waverly Crossing neighborhood tend to be fairly average when compared to other Chantilly neighborhoods. You can rent a living space on average for around $3,258. This makes renting a relatively affordable option in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area. Learn more.

Who Lives in Waverly CRossing?

Many of the occupants of the Waverly Crossing  neighborhood are military personnel, managers, sales account reps, and other professionals. The area is very popular among folks who work in Washington, D.C. itself, but would rather commute than live in the District proper.

Diversity in Waverly Crossing

According to studies, the Waverly Crossing neighborhood has a large number of Asian-, Hispanic-, Vietnamese-, and Pakistani-Americans, along with caucasians of German and Irish ancestry. The most common spoken language is English, but you might also hear Vietnamese, Arabic, and other languages spoken on the streets.

Final Words

So whether you’re looking for convenience, affordability, accessibility, or diversity, Waverly Crossing has something for you. It’s a great place to make your home if you’re planning on moving into Northern Virginia.