Virginia Manor/Melody Farms, Chantilly VA

The Virginia Manor/Melody Farms neighborhood of Chantilly, VA, is a suburban neighborhood… 

… made up of a pleasant mix of large homes containing four or more bedrooms, medium homes of three bedrooms, and even single-family homes and townhouses. The median home value in the Virginia Manor/Melody Farms neighborhood is $872,550, making it a slightly more affordable alternative to Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest. Read next article.

Rentals in Virginia Manor/Melody Farms

Rental prices in the Virginia Manor/Melody Farms neighborhood are also somewhat more affordable than the Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest neighborhood. You can rent a living space on average for around $2,577. This makes it more expensive than 75% of neighborhoods throughout the rest of Virginia, but still an affordable option in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area. Learn more.

A New-Build Neighborhood

Virginia Manor/Melody Farms is a much newer neighborhood than other neighborhoods in Chantilly. Nearly 87% of the homes in this neighborhood are less than 20 years old, a higher percentage of new homes than over 98% of other neighborhoods in Chantilly.

A High-End Neighborhood

Most of the occupants of Virginia Manor/Melody Farms are wealthy and highly educated executives in upper-level careers. If you’re looking for the executive lifestyle, this is a great place to make connections and network with other executives.

A Diverse Neighborhood

This is also a highly diverse neighborhood, with a higher percentage of Asian and Iranian residents, but also a healthy number of Indian, Caucasian, and other nationalities. Residents speak English generally, but may also speak their own national language at home. So hearing residents speaking Chinese or Korean, Arabic or Spanish, or any other language is fairly commonplace.