Sully Plantation, Chantilly VA

Although classified as a neighborhood, Sully Plantation has no permanent residents.

Sully Plantation is an historic site in the Chantilly area. Read next article.

History of Sully Plantation

The main house was built by Richard Bland Lee, Virginia’s first congressman; construction was completed in 1799. According to a private letter from Richard Bland Lee’s father-in-law to his mother-in-law, Richard and his new bride lived in a log cabin while they were building the stone plantation house. The builders had to trek three miles to get sand for the mortar of the house. 

Things to Do at Sully Plantation

Today the grounds boast many activities, including historical tours, school field trips, scouting events, camps, and more. The plantation also offers a gift store that offers many great souvenirs for your time spent there. Learn more.

Not really in the mood to take a historical tour, and not interested in any of the camps or scouting events? No problem! You’re free to walk the extensive grounds and trails available on the plantation.

Other Sully Plantation Events

The plantation also hosts an the Sully Classic & Antique Car Show. This annual event showcases vehicles from the earliest days of the automobile all the way to modern-day classics and hotrods. If you’re a car lover, you can’t go wrong checking out this exhibit.