South Riding, Chantilly VA

The South Riding neighborhood of Chantilly, VA, is a suburban neighborhood…

… primarily made up of medium to large homes containing three, four or more bedrooms. There is a good mix of newer and older homes, ages dating from the 1970s to the 2020s. The median home value in the South Riding neighborhood is $601,674, ranking it among the most affordable neighborhoods in Chantilly, VA. Read next article.

Rentals in South Riding

Despite the fact that the South Riding neighborhood is a highly sought after suburban area, with rental properties in high demand, it is still a very affordable area to rent a living space. On average, rental prices in the South Riding neighborhood tend to be on the more affordable end when compared to other Chantilly neighborhoods. You can rent a living space on average for around $2,876. This makes renting a relatively affordable option in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area. Learn more.

Who Lives in South Riding?

As with the many other Chantilly neighborhoods, many of the occupants of the South Riding neighborhood are highly educated executives, but there are also other academics and professionals, including folks with medical degrees and Ph.D.s, giving the neighborhood a very distinct academic flavor. Find us.

Diverstiy in South Riding

According to studies, the South Riding neighborhood has a large number of Indian-, Hispanic-, and Asian-Americans, along with caucasians of German and Irish ancestry. The most common spoken language is English, but you might also hear the various languages of India, along with Korean and Vietnamese spoken on the streets.

Final Words

South Riding is an extremely wealthy neighborhood. It is one of the few neighborhoods in the U.S. where childhood poverty is nearly nonexistent. In fact, studies show that residents of the South Riding neighborhood have a higher income than 97% of neighborhoods throughout America.