Attractions Near Chantilly VA

Looking for an easy day trip from Chantilly? Whether you’re itching to explore or just need a break from the city, these sights are all about an hour away.

While there’s plenty more options for exploring both within and beyond this radius, these three stand out as being the most conveniently accessible. Take your pick from three distinctly different attractions that are all conveniently close enough to visit on the same day. Each is worth at least a full day, so plan accordingly! Whether you have your own car or prefer to take public transportation, here’s everything you need to know about visiting these top local attractions on a day trip from Chantilly. Next article.

Sully Historic Site

This important site preserves one of the first homes in Northern Virginia. It was built in 1799, and the original property is now part of a National Park Service site. Sully Plantation (as it is officially named) was built by Richard Bland Lee, Northern Virginia’s first Representative to Congress The area was also once home to another important figure in Virginia history—a friend of George Washington named Captain Gustavus Sully. He began living there in 1793 and stayed until his death in 1816. The site has been preserved and is open to the public. Sully Historic Site is a great example of how the early history of Virginia is still very much alive today. Learn more.

Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

This is a beautiful 650 acre park where you can find both the river and the railway. It’s an ideal place for strolling, cycling, fishing, and more. Explore the landscape, catch some fish, wander along the rails, and enjoy the great outdoors. There are also many historically relevant and educational opportunities available at the park, including reenactments and historical tours.

Natural Bridge State Park

This natural bridge is one of Virginia’s most iconic attractions. It’s a truly massive bridge that was carved out by Virginia’s famous Cedar Creek. The views from the bridge itself are truly exceptional. You can also hike a trail up to the bridge from below, and it’s worth doing. Natural Bridge State Park is an ideal place to begin exploring Chantilly’s beautiful parks. Hiking trails and scenic drives, allow visitors to enjoy the full range of outdoor activities. Natural Bridge is also a great place to learn more about Virginia’s geological history—especially the role of water in shaping the landscape.

Summing up

These are some of the top attractions that are worth a day trip in Chantilly. Whether you have a car or not, they are all accessible by public transportation as well. It’s important to note that Natural Bridge State Park is only open on weekends, whereas the other two attractions are open every day of the week.