Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest, Chantilly VA

The Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest neighborhood of Chantilly, VA, is a suburban neighborhood primarily made up of large homes containing four or more bedrooms and between three and four bathrooms.

The median home value in the Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest neighborhood is $916,696, ranking it among the most expensive neighborhoods in the U.S. Read next article.

Apartments in Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest

Can’t afford to own a home in Cabells Mill/Hawthorn Forest? You can rent a living space on average for around $2,747. It’s still pricier than most places in Virginia, but the cost is worth it considering the neighborhood. Learn more.

Meet Your Neighbors

Most of the occupants of Cabells Mill/Hawthorn Forest are executives, managers and other professionals, but residents may also have major sales account or service jobs. Being the in the Washington D.C. area, it only makes sense that a number of residents are employed in local, state, and federal government jobs.

Diversity in Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest

Over 30% of residents are of Asian descent, and 1% are of Lebanese descent, but there are also many Hispanic and Indian residents, making the neighborhood wonderfully diverse. The diversity makes for wonderful linguistic opportunities, as most residents, including children, are multilingual, speaking English in public and Korean, Chinese, Indian, Spanish or Arabic at home.

A Wealthy Neighborhood

Cabells Mill/Hawthorne Forest is an extremely wealthy neighborhood. It is one of the few neighborhoods in the U.S. where childhood poverty is completely nonexistent. In fact, studies show that residents of Cabells Mill/Hawthorn Forest have a higher income than 99.4% of neighborhoods throughout America.