Blue Spring Farm, Chantilly VA

The Blue Spring Farm neighborhood of Chantilly, VA, is an urban neighborhood…

made up of a pleasant mix of large homes containing four or more bedrooms, medium homes of three bedrooms, and even single-family homes and townhouses, and apartments and condos. The median home value in the Blue Spring Farm neighborhood is $704,727, making it a very affordable option within the Chantilly, VA area. Read next article.

Rentals in Blue Spring Farm

Since the Blue Spring Farm neighborhood is an urban area, rental properties are in high demand. As a result, rental prices in the Blue Spring Farm neighborhood tend to be on the higher end than some other Chantilly neighborhoods. You can rent a living space on average for around $3,543. This makes rentals more expensive than 94% of neighborhoods throughout the rest of Virginia, but still a relatively affordable option in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area. Learn more.

Who Lives in Blue Spring Farm?

As with Cedar Hunt, many of the Blue Spring Farm residents are military personnel; so if you’re looking to make some solid military connections, this could be a good place for you. However, many of the residents are executives, managers, and other professionals, giving the neighborhood a very distinct culture.

A Family-Friendly Neighborhood

According to studies, there are also a highly concentrated number of married couples with school-aged children in this neighborhood. Making it a very family friendly place, and great for helping your children form lifelong bonds that will be advantageous to them in the future.

Diversity in Blue Spring Farm

This is also a highly diverse neighborhood, with many Lebanese and Iranian families, whose family-centric culture make the neighborhood even more family friendly.