South Riding, VA

Tesla Model S Full Exterior Detail

South Riding, VA Car Detail:

This 2013 Tesla Model S came to us from South Riding, Virginia for an exterior wash, spray sealant and a light interior detail. The car was in rough shape from some of the recent bad weather in our area. First priority was to inspect the vehicle and come up with a game plan to get the exterior clean, decontaminated and protected.



After walking around the car with the customer we made sure all the areas of concern she had would be addressed and got started. The main focus of this detail was to remove the road grime and salt to get it protected until the spring. The car is driven daily and has almost 100,000 miles on the clock. We got started with the wheels, tires and wheel wells first. The wheels were cleaned using Gyeon Iron to remove many months of brake dust and film. The tires and wheel wells were treated with an all purpose cleaner to loosen up any dirt. They were then cleaned and rinsed to prepare them for the dressing later in the detail process.

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Next we moved onto the dirtiest exterior areas. Front bumper, lower panels behind the wheels, and front bumper were pretreated before giving the car a thorough rinse. We then proceeded to foam the car and get started on the wash process. After washing and rinsing the car the paint was treated with Gyeon Iron to remove contaminants in the paint.


Once the car was thoroughly washed from top to bottom we dried the car using air and premium microfibers. This ensures the safest and least aggressive method of drying the car. We then pulled it back into the garage to prep the car for a coat of Carpro Reload. This sealant is a great way to keep the car protected for 4+ months. The trim, wheel wells, tires got an application of CarPro PERL and the glass was cleaned with Gyeon Glass.


This Tesla Model S turned out great. All surfaces were thoroughly cleaned and then protected to keep this high end commuter car looking its best. The sealant will protect the paints surface for the remainder of the winter and the trim, tires and wheel wells were restored back to a nice matte finish. The customer said the car had not looked that good in years and was extremely happy with the service. We discussed a polish for the next service and the car will be returning in early spring for a much bigger service.

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