Alexandria, VA

2020 Volkswagen GTI

Paint Correction and Protection

This 2020 Volkswagen GTI comes to us from Alexandria, VA. 

Although it had relatively low mileage coming in – clocking in at only 12,000 miles – the owner was concerned about some significant wear and tear to the surface. Not only was the paint chipped in numerous places, but there was also significant marring from brush car washes, and the front passenger wheel had been damaged by curbs.

The owner contacted Tabula Rasa Fine Auto Detailing wanting to know if we could correct these imperfections, restore the paint to its original gloss, and apply a ceramic coating to protect the paint from future damage.

We reassured him that we could correct the paint defects from the car wash, touch up the chipping, and repair the damaged wheel. Once that was finished, our long-term ceramic coating protection would keep the car looking sharp.

Multi Step Paint Correction

Our multi step paint correction service is a multi-day process that employs intense measures to remove deep defects, scratches, swirls, and chips. After this, we polish heavily to get the paint looking brand new.

This 2020 Volkswagen GTI certainly benefited from the paint correction service. We were able to remove all the deep defects and touch up the paint chipping before polishing the entire surface to get it looking factory fresh.

Ceramic Coating

After we completed the multi step paint correction service, we locked in the fresh glossy finish with our Q2 Infinite Gyeon Quartz Coating plus a top coat to protect from future damage.

We then moved on to the wheels and trim. First we restored the damaged wheel, correcting all the curb damage. Next we added our Gyeon Rim wheel coating to preserve the new finish and make cleaning off brake dust and road grime super easy.

Then we added a Gyeon Trim coat to protect the GTI’s trim from the minor knicks and dings so common on this part of the vehicle. We also included our GlassParency 3 Year Windshield Coating to make the windshield easier to clean and increase nighttime and bad weather visibility.

Finally, we added an additional layer of protection to the most at-risk portion of the vehicle by adding our STEK full frontal paint protection film (PPF).

Final Verdict

The owner of this amazing 2020 Volkswagen GTI was completely blown away by the results we were able to produce for him.

“The car didn’t look this good the day I bought it!”

And we think you’ll agree, it looks pretty amazing today.

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