Aldie, VA

2016 Range Rover


This 2016 Range Rover came to us from Aldie, VA for a complete detail. With only 25000 miles on the vehicle it had been to a few tunnel washes and the paint was becoming dull and was littered with swirls. We moved onto the initial inspection of the vehicle to put together a package to achieve the desired results of the customer.

After a thorough inspection we found the paint needed a single step polish to restore clarity, gloss and remove a majority of the swirls from previous car washes. We also decided the best protection for the budget would be an application of Gyeon Can Coat. This is a great way to protect the paint, increase hydrophobic properties and ensure a long lasting shine. The interior would receive a full detail as well. The seats needed a thorough cleaning to remove body oils, lotions, food, dirt and any other build up. The carpets received a good steam cleaning to remove any stains that had set in over the year of ownership. The Range Rover was left with us for two days to complete the service.

We started with the interior. The car had wasn’t excessively dirty except for the leather. It was in need of a deep clean so after our normal interior process we addressed the leather surfaces. The seats, armrests, and center console had taken on the most build up.

We got the leather back into shape and restored it to a like new finish. We then applied Gyeon Leather Coat to aid in keeping the seats, steering wheel, armrest and all other leather surfaces clean and protected between details. The interior showed as if it was brand new after this thorough cleaning.

After the car had been washed, we decontaminated the paint using Gyeon Iron followed by claying the entire surface. The Iron removes embedded metal contaminants to allow for a better prepared surface. Once the clay process was complete we then proceeded to tape off any areas that could be harmed during the polishing process. This is especially important on rubber seals, plastic trim or any area that the polish could come in contact with.

The polishing removed all swirls and light scratches from the vehicles surface. After ensuring all polishing oils had been removed we applied Gyeon Can Coat to all painted surfaces to protect the freshly polished paint. The tires, trim and wheel wells were finished off with CarPro PERL to condition them and restore a rich finish. The car turned out great and the customer now had a glowing finish topped off with a long term coat of protection on a majority of all the surfaces both interior and exterior.

When the customer came to pick up her vehicle she decided her car had to stay in this condition. After discussing after care procedures she decided it was best that we maintain the vehicle on a monthly basis to keep it in the best condition possible. The car now returns to us regularly and does not go to drive through car washes anymore.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions regarding our detailing, polishing or maintenance packages please contact us. We can find a package to suit your cars needs and offer a large array of different services.

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